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One day

One day. 24 hours. 1440 minutes. 86400 seconds. Lot of time. I spent 5 minutes of my 1440 minutes watching a quick fix recipe video for cauliflower baked bites. 1. I am not very fond of cauliflower 2. I will never make those nakrd bites ever in my life. Even after knowing both the above things I watched all 4 variations of the recipe. I don’t know why I could not stop myself. The ager that I spent. 30 seconds of my 86400 seconds trying to find more recipe videos so that I can watch something that is visually appealing after being left unappitised by the cauliflower bites. After find them another 20 minutes went into the same.

Had I not watched those 5 minutes of the early recipy I would have saved 5 mins + 30 seconds + 20 mins = 25 minutes 30 seconds. Rounding it off to 26 minutes.

26 minutes out of my s 1.8 per cent of my day. Rounding it off to 2 per cent. So 2 per cent of my day I wasted in doing something I didn’t want to in the first place. One can say that 2 percent in a day but 26 minutes in the entire lifetimes hardly matters and I agree. Buy these other 26 minutes in different slots that I keep wasting on people, places and things what do I do about that? Nothing. They’ve gone, slipped away.

I am mathematically unable to calculate how much part of my life has escaped without my knowledge and how much more will. I don’t know.


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