Posted in Midnight musings

Tumultous night

There is something good coming out of my anxiety these days. It translates into these little notes I keep writing to myself. My journey with my mind. There are days that pass in a blink of an eye. There are days in which every second is a lifetime. What do you do then? How do you inch forward each and every second. Specially at night when the entire world is asleep. A dog barks outside from time to time. Even your dog has come around to ignore it. You can hear every small movement. Your own breath is too loud and everything is silent. The mosquitoes decide it’s their feast time and your brain refuses to rest. It wants to show you every thing at once. Your heart is matching it’s pace. Trying to outrun the mind. Both are racing against each other and in the process you are consumed. But not tired, you lie down to sleep but the stillness is scary you sit up and engage yourself the movement is too much. The only peace in this chaos is the clatter of the keyboard. Rhythmic. You’ve typed so much ghat now you can identify the backspace and enter key. You don’t want it to stop because this is the only thing that brings some semblance in your body. Your mind is looking for newer words to weave together. The knotted thoughts are now standing in line waiting for their turn on the screen. Your heart also is soothed by the khat khat khat and there is a comfortable silence all around. The mosquitoes have found someone else to bother. The dog still howls once a while and your little puppy comes to you and places her head on your lap. All is fine again…


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