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I love trees

Trees, green leafy trees, tall trees, short trees, fruit-bearing trees, flowering trees, trees, trees, trees everywhere trees is what I have grown up with.  I love trees. When I look at them I feel happy. When I sit under them I feel safe. When I look at how tall they are I feel amazed. I love trees. I have said this multiple times I will say it again. Any place is 100 times more beautiful with trees around.

Gulmohar trees are my favourite. 1. Because they are so huge — they are tall and their branches are spread out wide. 2. Their flowers are red. 3. During fall, the entire ground beneath them is covered with red flowers every day. 4. With the big branches you can sit under its shade and watch the time pass by.

Every tree is beautiful for a different reason. In my school, there was a banayan tree which was huge, its shade was a place for all of us to rest, it was sort of a landmark, friends in the break time met there. My mother when she would come to pick us up would ask us to wait under the tree.

A palm tree hidden somewhere between the thick roots of the tree had grown with the banayan tree. From a distance you could see the palm tree cutting through the dense leaves over the banayan. I cannot draw as pretty a picture; I wish I had a photo of it. There were many stories around that tree; how one of the trees in previous life was a sinner and they had wronged the other tree so in the next life they had to live dependent on the other one. I am assuming the palm tree was the sinner.

Other than this ethically wrong tree, I remember many other trees that I have lived with in my life. The first tree I planted was guava, for lack of any better name I called it Amrudu (guava is known as amrud in Hindi). Every day few minutes I would dedicat to watering amrudu. I looked after it for as long as we stayed in the house. Now, it must be around 14 years. It is funny how if I ever go back I will never be able to identify it. I remember it so fondly, as it was the first tree I ever planted. I remember planting many trees as I would throw seeds in the mud hoping they will sprout since I had learnt that seeds turn to trees. Sadly, none of them ever grew up, making amrudu my first.

Now, for the first time, we are living in a house which has very less trees around us. We are trying to compensate by planting creepers and small bushes and lots of grass, and big ferns. We will also plant trees. On deciding which ones I had tough time figuring out my top 5 choices. Gulmohar of course is the uncontested winner. Then there is amaltas — another flowering tree, beautiful yellow flowers, there is also the Jacaranda tree, again beautiful purple colour, every fall the purple flowers create a blanket on the grass. Absolute delight. Guava trees — small plus they bear fruit every winter. Mango trees, main reason mango and the other reason the shape and the smell of it. I wanted to add pomegranate too because it has very beautiful flowers before the fruit goes out, but neem tree had to take precedence over pomegranate.

There is another tree, nice leaves in shape of flowers, deciduous plant, name I do not know and could never find out. Since I did not know the name, it had to be out of the list.

Few days ago, some people cut a tree near our house. It was no special tree but it was a sad thing to watch, sadder because it was not harming anyone. Someone said that it had grown old and could “fall” anytime; silly excuse and the intelligent minds decided that it should not be there and the next day it was not. I could not do anything, because by the time I found out it was already dead. Now, I think that I could have done nothing also, what would I have said?

Today I came across an article about the Ken-Betwa project. It listed the ecological disasters very easily something that people have been saying for the longest time.

My rant on one corner of the internet will not do anything I know. I have already accepted myself to be very weak in this strong world and even if I wanted to do anything this is not the way to go about it.

But, there are people who make sense when they talk, speaking about it giving arguments yet everything is happening and it will happen and we would be left watching things be destroyed around us.

I wanted to write a lot of things about the actual environmental hazard that we are all heading towards but I do not want to because there are better people talking about it.

All I want to say, is that I love trees and any place is 100 times more beautiful with trees around.






One thought on “I love trees

  1. Your love for trees
    And the sweet MP breeze
    The pure blue and green
    The calm and serene
    Maybe be contaminated by dirt
    Like sad people who like deserts
    Stupid dudes in ugly shirts
    Bad people whose deeds hurt.
    I wish I could gift you one
    A tree, a leaf, some calmness and fun
    Everytime they cut one down
    I hope as a replacement, I’m always around.


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