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Waiting and sitting, sitting and waiting…

Sitting and waiting for work to start. Friday today. My weekly offs are Thursday. So today is technically my Monday. No Monday blues as of now. Waiting for a vacation, have worked continuously for three months with only the required one off per week.

Waiting for work to start. Newsrooms very dull till 6 then suddenly so much activity, there are days when I have to find time to pee there are days when I have to sit and surf the internet due to lack of work. There are two stories already do not want to edit. Had coffee before coming to work feeling slightly less muddled. Do not want to read news stories though no matter how much I read there is always something left to read so today I will write, nice pass time writing nonsense.

Feeling cold, the temperature is set very low, do Indian offices overcompensate for the fact that we did not have central air conditioning for a very long time and now that we have we should cool the entire building like its Kashmir. Pointless to tell the office staff to turn the temperature up, I always do they nod their head and I continue to feel cold. It is not even hot outside yet. I am wearing full sleeves and still my hands and feet are cold. I think I will have to get a hoodie to wear in office.

Two big television in office, one running National news channel, the other regional, I love watching the ads so funny even now. I like reading news better, easy simpler, if you do not understand anything you can very easily read it again, in case you miss the news on television you have tough time following it up, I know exaggeration with the tough time following but whatever I feel so. I like newspapers and magazines more, online news very sketchy, the news in newspaper and magazine very organised.

I do not know why I am discussing the different forms of media. Cannot wait for 29th vacation time. 2 more weeks to go. Breaks are very important, I love my job but I need a break so that I continue to love it, I am still having fun, but I want a break to refresh myself. Two three days no work only fun. I have become Jack, all work and no play makes Jack a dull girl. I am a dull girl. Just two more weeks until holiday. Yay.

Too many people moving around in the office, and the watch says 18:05.


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