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Finding Inspiration Once Again #3

I am sitting in front of my computer looking for words to write. Today I could not find my spectacles so I had to wear lenses to work. I usually avoid wearing lenses while at work as I have to sit in front of the computer and my eyes get dry and the usual pain everyone who wears lenses can very easily associate with. While putting on my lenses I noticed a single strand of white hair on my head. My first grey/white hair. My sister has two or three. Few of my friends do too. My mother told me that it is believed that if you have a white hair that means you are gaining wisdom.

I have a set of 32 teeth since I was in 11th class. I got ‘wisdom’ in my teeth in 2010 but I think it took 7 years for it to reach my brain.

I know I have used my brain more than I have in my entire life in the last two years and I know much more about the national and international affairs, but what is this wisdom that I have suddenly received?

I know it is just a saying, but I am hoping it helps me in solving my dilemma.

Sometimes I think growing up having Bollywood for breakfast, lunch and dinner and sometimes for snacks too has made me overdramatise everything in life.

One thing good about a movie is that it ends in 3 hours max and with the trailer you can more or less figure out the trailer. Can someone show me a movie of my life so that I know how far am I from the happily ever after?

Until that is possible, I will continue to sit in front of my computer and look for words to write…


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