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June 6, 2016: My train of thoughts

*growing through old things and found this*

Bang Bang. Raat bhar baat kar tu mere saath chal. Dil pe chala hai jadu jaane kyuuuuuun. Bang Bang. Smriti’s birthday. Aloo ka parantha. Mumma. Didi. Hike. Stomach full. Lose weight? How? Work. Office. Boss. Scared. What to do? Ate too much. Stomach hurts. Healthy food. Good. Good. Want to go home. Want to breathe fresh air. Want to get wet in rain. Want to eat ghar ka khana. Want to hug mumma. Want to be with Snowy. Want to go for walks. Want to be around Papa. Want to relax and not feel like an adult with responsibilities. Need happiness. Head hurts. Need sleep? Not need sleep?
Thaichi street. Tai chi practicing, snow board champions I can fix the flat on your car I might even be a rockstar. I am a rockstar. Super hot super cool live like a rockstar? I do not remember. Miley cyrus. So many songs. 2008. Desktop and steel table. Sitting on the chair at the ground floor. Neck hurting. Spending hours on orkut and listening to music. Guitar times. Tried learning songs off youtube. Bought new diary. Fashion diary. Trying to strum. Trying. Finger cuts. Ashwarya. Nayagaon Garden. Walks around her house. Random theories. That movie day out. No movie watching. Going home. Sitting awkwardly. Ashwarya colony friends left. Talked and walked and slept. Good day. bhagwan ji story. Monkey story. Fever day which was a Wednesday, wearing Mumma’s blue suit. Skates day. Good days. Happy days. Want those days back again. She has shrunk in size. I have expanded in size. Houses not in the same place. Not even meeting each other. Have work in different cities. Apparently important work. I think more important meeting and sitting in her room in Nayagaon. Mumma calling to call me back home. I saying Ashwarya’s clock shows wrong time. Jabalpur. That smell in the air. Oscar. That yellow sunset from the balcony. That house. That gulmohar tree. Those red and purple creepers. Those mud elephants. That rock mountain. Oscar. Snowy. Oscar. Oscar. Oscar. His tongue hanging at the side of his mouth. The backyard. The swing set. Maruti 800. Christ Church. School. Monsoon. The living area overlooking the forest. Sitting their. Watching TV. Watching it’s a boy girl thing. Watching high school musical. Drawing. Coloring. Being ‘arty’. Watching art attack. Having dominoes. Having mangoes. Mumma’s room. Chameleon on her window. Snow and Oscar screaming at cat making her poop. Snowy and Oscar. Snowy and Oscar. Tiger.  Pulkit. Officers’ Colony. SFRI. Walks. Driving Maruti 800. Maruti 800. Mandir. White palash. Udiksha. Ordnance Factory. Blue skirt. Food. Udiksha. Christ Church. Ninth class. A section. Dance class. Games period. Carrom. Antakshiri.Hahahah all the time. School. Living room overlooking the forest favourite room. Green trees. Fresh air. Nice…….


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