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Finding Inspiration #9

I am sitting in front of my laptop looking for words to write. I am working as a reporter now in Gurgaon. Like always I am again amazed at how I have slipped into the role of a professional rather than being a student.
I take the metro from Lajpat Nagar changing at three stations to reach my office in Udyog Vihar. Four hours of my life everyday go in travelling to and from my office. My job requires me to meet new people everyday. I wonder the people who I travel with everyday are also new. I see them everyday and never talk. There are days when the conversation of the woman standing next to me complaining about her mother in law to her mother entertain me. I know her mother has knee pain and her husband loves rajma. The other woman who loves her ‘ PG wali aunty’ and does not have the strength to cook after reaching home reminds me of myself. And another old woman who wears the same golden earrings as my nani makes me smile. All of these people I will never see, but I know details about them- some may say useless but definitive. Does anyone remember seeing me as well? In the background- the clumsy girl with huge dark circles? Or the one who hits everyone with her copy of Indian Express? or the one that has been reading the last 20 pages of ‘Hundred years of solitude’ for 20 days and still never completes? Or the one that plonks herself on the metro floor wherever she finds a place? I will never know. What I do know is that I see lesser smiles everyday.
It is a collection of faces that are still- passing time to reach back home, some are on their phone, some have books, some stare at others, but they hardly smile. 13 days into the internship and worn out with the rut I am becoming one of those smile-less faces.
I will try and smile more, maybe at the woman who has my nani’s golden earrings or maybe I will continue to sit in front of my laptop, thinking of words to write…


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