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Finding Inspiration #5

I am sitting in front of my laptop trying to think of words to write. My body aches after a tiring day but sleep eludes me as my mind wanders through the happenings of today.
My days now pass like a dream. In the last two months, there is hardly any day that stands out.  I know everything that has happened, but I can’t remember one thing. It is all like one very long day.

And the time continues to pass like this. How do I describe this feeling?

I felt the grass under my feet after a long time today, I lied down on it and looked at the sky. There was mud on my clothes and the birds were taking a bath in the pool of water next to me. I was relaxed, yes. But did I enjoy it like I used to? Where was me and my over-appreciation of beauty? Why did I not cry out loud and proclaim to the people around me that this was the most beautiful sight I had seen. I had said those very words for lesser things in life.

Why was I dull? Why was, “you can almost forget that this is Delhi,” the only comment I felt worth making?

Why? I am amused by my pondering.

I want to run. I want to escape – only for some time- a day maybe. Look at new faces, visit new places, sit in the sun and read my novel.

Until then, I will continue to sit in front of my laptop and try to think of words to write…


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